• I have suffered from low self esteem ever since I was in primary school. I was bullied in school a lot and called all sorts of names because I was fat. I hated life and started having suicidal thoughts from an early age. I don’t think I really wanted to die but desperately needed help. I also self harmed and by the age of 14 I was getting private lessons and hated going out during the day. My family moved to a small village when I was in my early 20s and I noticed that people seemed nicer. I met someone special who seemed to like me for who I am and encouraged me to talk to a professional about my depression and low self esteem issues. He even accompanied me to my first session and waited patiently for me as I was very nervous. I liked the counsellor who spoke very gently and seemed to listen. I ended up having counselling for nine months and in that time was able to confront my main issues. I still have work to do but I have already lost over two stone and recently got a job which I like. I am starting to like myself more and using mindfulness everyday. I’m not there yet but certainly not going backwards thanks to the kindness and professional help I got from you. 02/06/2016

    - Sue – June 2016
  • Our relationship had reached rock bottom and we either had to go our separate ways or seek help. A colleague advised us to try Wellbeing and the first session gave us some hope although it was too early to say. Six months on we feel like we are back on track and happier than ever and expecting our first baby together in five months time. A big thank you to Wellbeing for the simple and practical tools you gave us.

    - Nick and Fiona – 05/2016
  • Having reaching rock bottom and fearing that I would lose my job, I had to confront my traumatic childhood issues and after a few consultations; WellBing turned out to be the right place for me. It was the whole package. Living with OCD from a very young age means I am very particular about cleanliness and the room was spacious and clean which was a positive. During the seven months of twice a week therapy, there was consistency and being an anxious person, I was offered either a hot drink or cold and found that always helped to calm my nerves and led me to open up about things I had repressed. I felt supported throughout and there were challenging times yet having been on that journey, I have no regrets and have so much respect for professionals who give a lot of themselves just to try and make lives of people like myself more manageable. I’m in a much better place and enjoying life more with my new found awareness and ways to manage the dark days which are far in between now.

    Rema 02/10/2018


    - Rema
  • When I first went to WellBingIn Oxford, I had very low self esteem and was struggling with depression and anxiety. Working with Memory, I was able to explore my thoughts and with her kind, honest and open input; I have been able to begin the ongoing work of building a healthy self esteem and enjoying life more. Memory was able to build trust with me and I always felt like she had a genuine care for my wellbeing – even when she was telling me things that I didn’t want to hear! There are sometimes difficult sessions in therapy, but I remember many sessions being a place of comfort and reflection. I came away from our work together with a higher level of self esteem and feeling a lot better.

    - Victoria 2014
  • I found help in dealing with my pornography addiction with Well Being. At first I was sceptical and feared being judged yet I felt understood and supported that after nine months of weekly therapy sessions, I have come clean and living a more fulfilling life. Terry 04/08/18

  • I would like to thank the Well Being team, in particular John for working with me to process my failed marriage and find closure. Not been easy seven months but having someone to listen to me and challenge me in a professional capacity helped me see things in ways I would have never done alone. Now I feel ready to form a new relationship and looking forward to whatever 2018 holds in stock for me. thank you.

    January 2018

    - Mike
  • After years of denial about my alcoholism I was forced to seek therapy when my mother passed away and my brother threatened to cut me out of his life unless I got help. It was a push that I resented at first yet became a saving line as I was able to talk about the shame I had kept all inside and tried to forget through drinking. I found talking very helpful although at times I would cancel as it was very hard to face up to the truths. A year after starting therapy and combining with support from AA I have not touched alcohol in five months and my life is already much better and for once I feel like I am living. I am fortunate to have a brother and my lovely nieces whom I adore and now free to spend more time with family without threatening anyone with my behaviour after a drink too many. I am grateful to the work of dedicated therapists at Well Being who were very patient with me and never turned me away even when I was being horrible. I miss my mother and wish she would be here to see me now but I am learning to live without her and just forming new meaningful relationships.

    January 2018

    - Sarah
  • I was sceptical when I first spoke to a counsellor from Wellbeinginoxford but decided to try. The first thing I noticed was how clean and spacious the room was together with a young looking but very professional counsellor who was clearly relaxed. She soon made me feel relaxed too and before I knew it, I was telling her how anxious I had been feeling in recent weeks following relationship issues. It had started to affect my sleep badly. Time went by so quickly and initially questioned the approach which the counsellor called Psychodynamic. About eight sessions into the therapy it all started making sense – was painful most of the times to relive my past experiences but talking about them opened up an outlet. I realised that I had so much anger rooted deep inside from my past relationship which caused me much anxieties and at times even panic attacks. She also encouraged some mindful exercises and six months on, I am sleeping a lot better and feel less anxious. I am ever so grateful to the patience of my counsellor and would go back if I need help.

    - Sue March 2016
  • “ Through counseling and life style coaching, a therapist at WellBeingIn Oxford helped me address weight issues, loss of libido and depression that threatened my personal and professional relationships. Her grasp of underlying issues and pragmatic approach resulted in a programme of change that has enabled me to improve my health and enhance my sense of well-being ”.

    - Michael S 2013
  • Making a transition between university and my life prior was really difficult for me, dealing with homesickness and the sudden independence of living away from home; plus results that culminated from a loss of a close friend began to spiral into a state of depression. Upon being referred to wellbeinginoxford, with the aid of my psychotherapist I was able to freely express myself in a non judgemental environment and benefited from the sessions significantly. Furthermore to talking, she gave me homework and mindful exercises to practice for my anxiety and the more I tried, the better I got at listening to my body as well as understanding myself more. Now I use the mindful techniques almost everyday to help deal with anxieties around exam time or when I struggle to sleep.

    - Rachel – May 2016